Food Intolerance - ALCAT TEST

The only expert-recognized test of its kind in the world for detecting food intolerances is applied only in our A2C Clinic for already 10 years.

This is the only test in the world whose mechanism and effectiveness in reducing inflammation in the body has been demonstrated at the prestigious YALE University.

You will feel the first improvement after 3 days of observing the test results. It improves your energy, your mental condition and you naturally begin to adjust your current weight.

The ALCAT test allows you to test a wide range of food substances. Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, dyes, preservatives, chemicals, moulds, antibiotics and pharmacoactive substances such as histamine.

The intention of the ALCAT test is to be tested for as many kinds of food as possible and to determine which ones are beneficial to your body, and which are less so, and which you should completely eliminate from your diet. There can also be a hidden intolerance.

We therefore test for you over 450 individual substances from one blood collection. Already within a few days you will feel a significant improvement in your overall condition; also your psychic state will improve and you will start to regulate your current weight naturally.

The most advanced and by the experts most respected test of its kind in the world is executed only at our A2C ANTI-AGING CLINIC.


We are delighted that thanks to an exclusive collaboration with our partners continuing for more than 10 years we can offer you the ALCAT TEST. This is the only test in the world whose effectiveness in reducing inflammation in the body has been demonstrated at the prestigious YALE University.



We recommend repeating the test every 1-2 years because your food intolerance may shift according to new habits elsewhere.

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What Are the Functions of a Healthy Digestive Tract?


A healthy digestive tract, and let us concentrate mainly on the intestine, has many different functions. It is where food is digested; small particles of food are absorbed and then converted to energy. Vitamins and minerals are transported into the bloodstream, the intestinal tract contributes to the detoxification of the organism and the antibodies and immunoglobulins which are present there represent the first line of defense for the organism.

What Happens, if the Intenstine Doesn’t Function Properly?


Leaky-gut syndrome is a disease state wherein large spaces are created between the intestinal cells of the intestinal mucosa. Through these "holes", bacteria, toxins and food particles may penetrate into the bloodstream where they normally are not be able to pass. Normally, large molecules of food and toxic substances are not allowed to be present in the bloodstream; that's why our body defends itself and the result of the whole process is the production of antibodies not only against these particles, but also against the healthy tissues of our body. The more often we eat a certain food, for which our body produces antibodies, the more the immune response increases until it can result in many serious diseases.

Can This Condition Be Treated? And How?

The therapy for this condition is a complete exclusion of the food or food products that form the major allergen. Furthermore, it is necessary to repair the intestine. We use special substances which are not only able to regulate the digestion but also to reconstruct the damaged intestinal integrity - the increased permeability of the intestine (L-glutamine, polyunsaturated fatty acids - DHA, GLA, probiotics and prebiotics).

How does a problem in the digestive tract manifest itself?

1. Food allergies
It is a process mediated by IgE antibodies against the proteins contained in the food. This reaction manifests itself very quickly after eating the given food, and therefore we can discover it soon.

2. Food intolerance
This process is very difficult to detect because it does not manifest itself so prominently; it is more hidden and it is often very difficult to recognize intuitively. Food intolerances can be caused not only by proteins, but also by sugars, moulds or other chemical substances. An immature immune system responds to an undesirable food substance by an immune response. Immune cells (for example, neutrophils) begin to change their shape, volume and number until cell death occurs and inflammatory mediators such as IL-1, TNF-alpha, chemokines, lytic enzymes and others are released into the environment. Outside of the cell a "murderous environment" arises. Mitochondrial and nuclear DNA, ROS (reactive oxygen radicals), pro-inflammatory cytokines, lytic enzymes and others are released. The task of the NET (neutrofil extracellular trap) is to neutralize the danger.

All these reactions are measured by the ALCAT test, which detects them by a method called impedance cytometry.

These foods may become the cause of many diseases associated with the digestive system and digestion, as well of as many other diseases which at first glance have nothing in common with the digestive tract.




Which Diseases Can Be Related to the Food Intolerance?

  • Dermatological diseases (16%): acne, atopic eczema, psoriasis, itching, various forms of itching and burning of the skin.
  • Digestive disorders (50%): pain of abdominal origin, constipation, diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Respiratory diseases (10%): asthma, rhinitis, breathing difficulty. These cases may be associated with an allergic process.
  • Psychiatric diseases (11%): anxiety, depression, fatigue, and hyperactivity in children.
  • Joint diseases: arthritis, pain in the muscles and ligaments, joint swelling.




Alergie versus intolerance

An improvement of the general condition and all of these diseases is observed in one-half to two-thirds of these diseases after the exclusion of problematic food from the diet. As such, we consider the test for food intolerance a very significant instrument because the simple elimination of certain foods from the diet can significantly improve our overall health. And generally, the 2,400-year-old statement of Hippocrates is valid: "Let your diet be your medicine."

Test of Food Intolerance and Therapy of Obesity

It is scientifically proven that the exclusion of sensitizing food leads to weight reduction in obese people who do not respond to different types of diets. Therefore, the test for food intolerance is indicated as the basic examination prior to therapy for obesity. 

The test for food intolerance examines 217 kinds of food by measuring IgG formation. The test result is a recommendation of foods that can be eaten without restriction and at the same time, a recommendation of those which should be eliminated completely. The examination is performed from blood serum.

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Distribution of the diet

Using the ALCAT test, we get a complex of results classing the foods into several groups based on color. 


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