Anti-aging commandments


Inflammation means aging. An anti-inflammatory diet reduces the risk of hidden inflammation and therefore contributes to longevity. It entails mostly vegetables, fruits and proteins with a low-fat content. It includes the use of fish oil, olive oil and especially grains. It does not contain white flour or refined sugars.

Tip: Let’s take Alcat test the latest test for food intolerance. This way you can ascertain exactly, which food products are beneficial for your body and which, on the contrary, you should avoid. Rev-up your metabolism better and you will not suffer from nausea, depression, skin problems or a lack of energy any more.



Strengthen your immunity and health by getting adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals in your diet. If your diet is not sufficient, add essential antioxidants to your body in the form of high-quality food supplements. Antioxidants - substances that can neutralize free radicals in the human body and protect us from diseases. Fundamental antioxidants include vitamins C and E, green tea extract, beta-carotene, coenzyme Q10, zinc, selenium and fish oil.

Tip: Do you want to know which substances you should supply to your body? First of all, get an overall physical exam with a blood test and hair analysis . Find out exactly what you need to add in order to achieve good health.




Use your free time for outdoor activities in the clean environment of forests and mountains. Your lungs and skin deserve it.

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Healthy sleep is essential for the overall regeneration of your body. In particular, REM sleep is important - the phase when we dream. Scientists have discovered that deep sleep and dreams play an important role in our emotional life and the overall readiness of the organism to cope with difficult daily tasks. We should sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. Although individual rules apply even for sleep. One of the most important sleep hormones is melatonin which is considered the body's biological clock. But it is known that in this period our brain produces a wide range of neurotransmitters - such as acetylcholine and GABA.



Tip: If you have difficulty falling asleep, it's good to find out what your level of melatonin is. A simple saliva test can be conducted for this. If this hormone is missing, natural melatonin can be added and you can have sweet sleep again.


Social contacts, culture and shared experiences prolong your life. This is confirmed by many studies which have been carried out with centenarians.

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Set aside time every day for an afternoon hike - a daily 3-km or 30-minute walk contributes to a good mood, keeping you fit and at a proper weight.

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Enjoy the pleasant moments - every day brings you something positive. You just need to slow down, look around and perceive. Do not resist natural laughter. Studies conducted with the longest-living people (more than a hundred years) confirm that these people are extremely optimistic and know how to enjoy life.

Tip: When you don't have the life energy and a smile doesn't want to come, this is caused by a low level of neurotransmitters. Therefore, it is worth it once in a while to measure your level of neurotransmitters, to replenish them and then you can begin laughing again.



And if you're not just at this moment in love and the right person still awaits you, try to 'snuggle' with the offspring of your friends or relatives - the appreciation will be mutual.

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