Benefits of fat injection

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and in terms of effect and durability is preferentially used in the under-eye circle area of the eyes or for the correction of so-called ‘smoking wrinkles’ instead of the application of hyaluronic acid. "Old hands" caused by a decrease of collagen fibers in the skin, a reduction of the subcutaneous tissue and the atrophy of the small muscles of the hand can also be rejuvenated. With one performance, fat can be applied to multiple areas at once, with the only criterion being the amount you've taken and the number and size of the locations where the fat has to be applied.


During the application, patients may experience mild pain and pressure. Because the application is performed with a special cannula with a diameter of 0.4 - 0.9 mm, which corresponds to the puncture after blood collection, the remaining scars are very tiny. After the procedure, the patient may go home and it is good to maintain a rest regime for two to three days. After the intervention swelling can appear for a few days, though it is recommended to apply an ice pack, but it is possible to use a common analgesic or rub the area with an ointment for hematomas. When pigment rings under the eyes are corrected, yellow fat emulsion strikes through the skin for a few days. When correcting the wrinkles, this coloration is negligible.


The first result is immediately visible, but we see the final result only after 2-3 months when the healing process is largely finished. The part of the fat that is absorbed forms the substrate for the collagen network which then "thickens" the skin in the given area and thus the expected effect is achieved. 

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