Senior consultant, Dr. Monika Golková

  • The senior consultant of the private clinic A2C ANTI-AGING CLINIC.
  • President of the Association of Anti-Aging Medicine (Czech name: Asociace medicíny proti stárnutí) of the Czech and Slovak Republics.
  • Neurologist and the only certified specialist in anti-aging medicine in the Czech Republic.
  • International delegate and member of the Scientific Council of WOSAAM (World Association of Anti-Aging Medicine).
  • International delegate of the European International Organization of Scientific Anti-Aging Medicine.
  • Member of the International Hormonal Society.
  • Member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.
  • The author of the books "Anti-Aging - How to Maintain Youth and Beauty" a " I Eat and Get Younger or Anti-Aging on the Plate".



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