The A2C ANTI-AGING CLINIC was founded in 2006 by Monika Golková. Originally as the first private practice in the field of the Anti-Aging medicine. At that time anti-aging medicine was a completely unknown field in the Czech Republic. The first examination made in the clinic at that time was, for example, an examination of the biological age of the organs, food intolerance testing, genetic examination, testing of oxidative stress in cells and infusion regeneration therapy.

The primary objective and mission of the clinic was to achieve the best possible health condition of the clients from the very beginning. In accordance with the rules of Anti-Aging Medicine and the latest scientific knowledge, the focus was not primarily concentrated on the treatment of illnesses and their sequelae, but on the opposite. The priority was to prevent the diseases while at the same time striving to achieve and maintain the best possible health of a person during his or her natural aging process.

A small office in the very heart of Prague in Malé náměstí square grew in the course of 10 years into a private clinic. The doctors regularly take part in international congresses. The clinic can therefore offer the latest medical knowledge and practices from around the world.


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