Anti-Aging Medicine is a preventive medicine. Its main goal is to prevent the onset of possible illnesses and to offer a program of rejuvenation procedures based on the latest findings aimed at all age groups. The result is not only a slowing down of the aging process and rejuvenating the body, but also increasing the value of life at each of its stages.
Proper access to your body guarantees its increased performance, improving concentration and effectiveness, but also a regime correction, reducing obesity or hypersensitivity to some food ingredients, and last but not least, also keeping the body perfectly fit for the many years to come. 
Our program focuses on highly demanding clients, who are forced to attain perfect results under disproportionate pressure. Good health, performance, psychic stability and beauty are a must.

Karel Voříšek

Czech TV moderator

"Thanks to senior consultant Golková I'm no longer bloated and I have my ideal weight and health back."



Petra Svoboda 

Moderator and model

"I regularly indulge in the Hollywood youth cocktails and I feel great."




Klára Doležalová


"I am a great fan of preventive medicine and the idea that we can prevent many diseases before they occur fascinates me."


Suzanne Sommers

Actress and writer

"Aging is for me an experience of absolute bliss."