Suzanne Sommers

When looking at the photo of Suzanne Sommers, you surely recall the character of ‘Carol’ from the TV series Step by Step. Suzanne is not only a great comedian, but also a writer and promoter of a healthy lifestyle specializing in anti-aging medicine. Therefore she would not be absent as a guest at the last Congress of Anti-Aging Medicine in Las Vegas, where she spoke about her new book and how the power of conversion therapy using bioidentical hormones has inspired her to address millions of aging men and women. So you don't believe that this therapy works? And would you guess that Suzanne is 60 years old?

Sexy Years 

The impulse to write her first book, "The Sexy Years", published in 2004, was menopausal symptoms (weight increase, decreased sexual desire, hot flashes and poor sleep), which completely changed Suzanne's life into a state of unhappiness wherein most of the time she felt upset, tired and irritated . Her efforts to regain a healthy soul and body and to improve the quality of her life led her to the discovery of bioidentical hormones - natural hormones that mimic the hormones produced in our bodies which during the aging process disappear from our organism. In the book "The Sexy Years" Suzanne described her way back to optimal health, introduced bioidentical-hormone therapy to millions of women and thus changed their view of menopause. She created an important guide for people who want to change their lives and try out the benefits of optimal hormonal balance.



How Much Work Is It To Look Young?

The fact is that wherever she appears, women and men from the entire United States come to see her and are really interested in this new kind of medicine. As she says: "People look at me and my husband as if they would like to say: What are you two doing? How much work is it? I always say: This thing about aging requires some effort if you want to do it successfully. You must devote yourself to it and add minutes of care in the morning, depending on how deep you want to go. "The Sexy Years" was the first book that dealt with such ideas as: I feel bad, I can't sleep, I can't control my moods, I gain weight, my sexual libido does not exist, etc. Since I have replenished my sexual hormones, I feel great."

Eternal Youth

In her new book "Ageless", Suzanne moves bioidentical hormone therapy even further and presents an inspiring and medically-proven way to slow the aging process and to preserve a healthy, vibrant and active sex life with an excellent psychic state through strengthening the body's natural immunogenicity against diseases associated with aging (e.g. cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer's disease). The book "Ageless", full of the latest information on treatment by bioidentical hormones and anti-aging medicine, brought together sixteen leading anti-aging physicians who are on the front line of a revolution in medicine, to show how traditional approaches to aging are ridiculously inadequate and outdated. And what is, according to Susanne, the key to success? "If you really start to discover hormones, you soon realize that we are the last generation that can expect death in an old-fashioned way - from heart disease, cancer or Alzheimer's disease. This happens if you decide not to jump on this speeding train and explore this new kind of medicine. It is important to change the attitude towards your health and to learn how your body works, being strengthened by the essential information during your meeting with the doctor. If you feel that your physician has altogether eight minutes for you and that it is better for him/her to write a prescription for you, there is something very wrong! It's time to move on and find a doctor who will be interested in you. You need to understand the effects of drugs and try to avoid their use as much as possible, except in cases when you need them because of pain, infection, or mental illness. In any case, I try the natural way first. For me, bioidentical hormones are the first line of defense. They strengthen and adjust the main hormonal system, for example insulin, the sex hormones, thyroid gland hormones, cortisol and the adrenal hormones. Once the hormonal system is strengthened, you sleep better, lose weight, and you are more resistant to diseases related to aging."

"Aging is for me an experience of absolute bliss. And it is," as Suzanne says," just the beginning of the benefits of bioidentical hormones. The deeper you go into hormone therapy, the better you feel, the more energy and vitality you have, and the more exciting it is. "Aging is for me an experience of absolute bliss. I do not care how old you are; I always ask how young is your energy? Do you want to wake up and jump out of bed? When getting out of bed, do you feel some pain? These are truly the golden years. Although the golden years used to be associated with graying, elderly people in whom wrinkles come to appear. We, the parents of the baby boomer generation, think: well, the anxious feeling of youth is gone; I no longer worry any more about who I am and what I shall do; I've fulfilled my task of bringing up children; I have finally found my true friend and now I can enjoy my life in good health and vitality."