Laser rejuvenation

In one of his fairy tales, the Czech writer Jan Drda narrates the story of a clever lad who makes the rich miller's wife believe that he has a recipe for the elixir of eternal youth. He convinces her to prepare a "bath" of raw eggs for herself. When the egg mass begins to solidify on her skin and to contract it, the miller's wife rejoices: 

"It works! I feel how I am getting younger!"

Today, fortunately, we have more sophisticated and primarily really effective ways of tightening and rejuvenating the skin. One is these ways is rejuvenation using lasers - a method that reduces and slows the skin’s aging process to improve its quality and appearance.

Wrinkles on the face, rough skin drawing, enlarged blood vessels and pores, pigmentation and reduced skin tone - these are the most common reasons for skin rejuvenation treatment. The laser slows the relaxation of the skin’s connective tissue, which is responsible for the loss of elasticity and strength, and therefore actually for its aging.



"Since November 2007, we have been working with the latest type of high-performance alexandrite laser GentleLASE made by the American company Candela, which is currently one of the best lasers in the world," Dr. Monika Golková, senior consultant of the Anti-Aging Clinic A2C in Prague, explains.
"The irradiation of the skin with laser light warms the fibrous layer up and triggers the formation of new collagen and elastic fibers. The skin becomes smoother, tenser, the surface texture improves, tiny catheters, roughness, enlarged pores and fine wrinkles are reduced." GentleLASE is equipped with a dynamic cooling system that cools the skin, protecting it while acting at the same as an analgesic. The treatment is a gentle, non-invasive procedure that will not exclude you from normal daily activities. After the surgery, the unique Anti-Aging cream Ice Maskwill be applied at the clinic. The cooling mask effectively calms and richly moisturizes the skin and thus shortens the period of "rest" after the procedure. It promotes the production of collagen and elastin, speeds healing, and has a long-term therapeutic effect. The procedure takes about 20 minutes. For maximum effect, it is recommended to undergo a cure of three to five treatments with an interval of 4-5 weeks, once a year. The laser GentleLASE is also the dernier cri of the laser hair-removal technology. The high-energy device allows for epilation of an area with a maximum diameter of 18 mm in one shot.

The treated areas Individual treatment  Subscription cures consisting of 5 treatments 
Whole face  3 400,- Czk 16 000,- Czk (1 treatment per 3 200,-)
Neck 2 200,- Czk 10 000,- Czk (1 treatment per 2 000,-)
Both cheeks 2 500,- Czk 11 000,- Czk (1 treatment per 2 300,-)
Forehead 1 500,- Czk 6 500,- Czk (1 treatment per 1 300,-)
Neck + décolleté 4 500,- Czk 21 500,- Czk (1 treatment per 4 300,-)
Entire face, neck, décolleté 7 000,- Czk 31 000,- Czk (1 treatment per 6 300,-)


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