Laser depilation - the permanent removal of hair

At the A2C clinic, we work with the state-of-the-art GentleLASE type laser of the American company Candela. It is an alexandrite laser operating at a wavelength of 755 nm. The high-energy laser allows for epilation of an area with a maximum diameter of 18 mm in one shot. The largest working footprint of the range of epilation lasers on the market, along with integrated dynamic DCD skin cooling protecting the skin, provides a fast, safe and comfortable epilation of all skin types.

It is a method of gradually removing undesirable hair which causes partial or complete damage to the hair bulb cells and thereby destroys them. In this place the hair gradually becomes more subtle until it doesn't grow any more.


The goal-directed laser beam destroys the hair bulbs in several ways at one time, the most effective of which is the effect on the pigment contained in the bulb that the ray itself searches for without damaging the surface of the skin. However, only hairs that are in the so-called growth phase of their growth cycle = the anagen - are hit effectively. Since the hairs are found in different growth stages, it is necessary to repeat the treatment at a certain time interval so that other hairs that have entered this active stage of the growth cycle be damaged.



  • Price list of laser depilation

The treated areas Price in CZK
Upper lip from 1 200,-
Chin from 1 800,-
Cheeks from 2 700,-
The area between the eyebrows from 500,-
Eyebrow correction from 1 500,-
Neck + chin from 3 500,-
Underarms (both) from 3 500,-
Area around the nipples from 1 000,-

Treated area Price in CZK
Bikini line from 4 000,-
Intimate areas from 5 000,-
Lower abdomen from 2 000,-
Upper limbs from 8 000,-
Forearm from 5 500,-
Arm from 2 800,-
Back of the hand from 1 500,-
Lower limbs from 14 000,-
Calves from 8 000,-
Treated area Price in CZK
Thighs from 7 000,-
Buttocks from 2 500,-
Back from 15 000,-
Belly from 2 500,-
Thorax from 10 000,-
up to 20 pulses 70,- / pulses
21 - 100 pulses 1 300,- + 40,- / pulses
101 - 200 pulses 3 100,- + 30,- / pulses
201 and more pulses 4 100,- + 20,- / pulses




Ideal for this laser performance is light skin with dark hairs, but with the unique cooling system that the laser is equipped with, even a slightly-tanned or darker skin can be treated with various parameters. The optimal preparation before this laser treatment is to shave the hair, but do not pluck them with tweezers, machine or wax, etc., the hairs should be about 1-3 mm long. The procedure is not actually painful; it can feel like nipping, but is very fast: for example, treatment of the upper lip and chin takes a few minutes. For sensitive and larger areas, it is possible to use the desensitizing cream that must be applied to the skin approximately one hour before the procedure. Some of the affected hairs in the skin may persist for a few more days, but they will gradually fall out, but you can also remove them with tweezers. Immediately after treatment, redness and burning may occur, which disappear within minutes or hours, but only rarely in sensitive people swelling, blistering, scarring, eventually changes in pigmentation may occur - a darkening or lightening of the skin.

During laser therapy, thus also during the healing process, don't expose the treated area of ??the body to sunlight and use only a product with a sun protection filter of 25-50+ as recommended by the doctor. Clients prone to pigmentation should stick to the foregoing directions permanently irrespective of laser intervention. After the procedure, products recommended by the doctor should be applied to the treated area. Do not wear rough, tight, irritating clothing before complete healing occurs.

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