Plasma therapy

The visible aging of the skin is due in particular to the natural loss of collagen and the destruction of cellular structures therein. Thus, the skin loses its natural color and softness, wrinkles appear, the skin slackens and it loses its firmness. What about ending the masking of old age and stopping this merciless process? Thanks to plasma therapy, it is possible.


What is plasma therapy?


Simply put: our own plasma is rich in blood platelets which can function as cellular-repair agents and as a stimulator. It can order the tired cells to restore and repair those which are damaged. It is in fact able to forbid the skin to age and on the contrary, to command it to rejuvenate. The purest form of re-application of your own blood plasma is able to activate up to 90% of the growth factors. The absence of chemical activators or additives eliminates the risk of allergic reactions and any individual intolerance.

Treated areas


Plasma therapy is suitable for any facial area, the neck, décolleté or the hands. It is also used in the treatment of thinning and balding hair or as an application into a joint for arthritis.

The facial treatment can be done through the method of mesotherapy - micro-needle techniques of skin nutrition or wrinkle filling. In this case, the plasma is additionally enriched with hyaluronic acid.

Effects of the treatment


The results appear already after the first treatment, during about three to four weeks. It is generally recommended to repeat the procedure three times in a 30-day interval. The skin is post-treatment at sight and palpation softer, healthier, more hydrated and visibly saturated with health. Wrinkled skin is more taut, wrinkles become smoother and for instance dark circles under the eyes disappear. 


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