The analysis of minerals in samples of hair evaluates what minerals your body lacks and possibly which heavy metals are present in it.


Test course:

  • Sampling at the A2C Anti-Aging Clinic
  • Analysis of a serum sample in a specialized external laboratory
  • Evaluation by a specialist doctor and the working-out of medical advice

Hair analysis is a valuable source of information to evaluate one’s health status and to determine the individual type of metabolism. We know very well that each of us has a certain type of metabolism. It is therefore very important to learn exactly how your metabolism works. We can then very competently advise you how to improve its condition.

The results of an elemental analysis can prove:

  • a predisposition for certain metabolic disorders, neurological and dermatological disorders
  • poisoning with toxic elements
  • long-term physical exertion
  • bone and joint diseases

On the basis of the analysis, we create individual nutrition recommendations including a proposal to supplement the lacking vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in order to improve your overall health. As one of its kind in Central Europe, the A2C Anti-Aging Clinic offers its clients  the best vitamin supplements  from the United States which do not contain any preservatives, dyes and yeast or added sugar and salt, and are therefore best suited for the body of all the comparable products on the market.



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