Anti-aging medicine

Anti-aging medicine is a newly-developed medical specialization aiming to reach the best possible human health status while simultaneously slowing down the process of aging. This medicine makes the body younger from the inside and the outside, and it also deals with tiny nuances and problems which traditional medicine does not solve at all.

The methods and possibilities of anti-aging medicine were introduced in the Czech Republic by the Association of Anti-Aging Medicine (Czech name: Asociace medicíny proti stárnutí), which works closely with the international associations of Anti-Aging Medicine. Anti-aging medicine is a new medical branch of the 21st century, which combines the advantages of traditional western medicine with the art of eastern medicine.



Facts and Expectations

1 person out of 10 is now older than 60 years. In 2050, it will be 1 in 5 people. In 2150, 1 person out of 3 will be older than 60 years. Older seniors (80 and older) are the fastest growing segment of the older population. Now they make up 11% of the group of people who are older than 60 years. In 2050, this group will be 19%. It is expected that the age group "centenarians" (100 years and more) increases about 15 times - from 145 thousand people in 1999 to 2.2 million in 2050.

The more developed a country is, the higher the proportion of older people. 1 out of 5 Europeans is now older than 60. At the beginning of the first half of the 21st century, one person out of two will in some European countries be older than 60 years. In developed countries, the estimated length of life for a male of 60 years is 18 years (78 years) for a 60-year-old female it is 22 years (82 years).

Because the socio-economic impact of aging on society is enormous, world policy is increasingly involved in the research and development of programs dealing with aging.

ANTI-AGING MEDICINE is focused on acquiring the best possible quality of life during longevity. The result should be the satisfied life of the individual, good quality of life, independence, self-sufficiency and the enjoyment of "healthy old age".

ANTI-AGING MEDICINE is intended for all ages because its basis is formed by good health care from an early age, and an influencing of human lifestyle. Medicine of the 21st century prefers PREVENTION as its essential basis.



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