Karel Voříšek

The moderator of the television company FTV Prima Karel Voříšek is changing right before our eyes. The problems with swelling are gone, and the scale is showing him 9 kilograms down. What was the cause of his problems and what did he have to do to get rid of them once and for all? 

"I was shocked when I saw my photo on a Prima mobile truck. I was all swollen and I didn't know why. I went to my acquaintance, chief physician Monika Golková, and she discovered via a blood test what was causing inflammation in my body and adding to my weight," Voříšek said.

The recommendation was: avoid wheat, rye, oats, game animals, but also apricots and pumpkin. "And I was already afraid that I must stop drinking wine. Especially in the morning when you look in the mirror," Voříšek says with relief. The radical loss of weight is not caused by fat reduction. "Really, it was mainly swelling. The body is now alleviated," the moderator added. But he has to gradually renew his wardrobe. At the television company, even his new measurements have been taken. He even plans to write a book about his slimming-down experience.