Our body produces hormones on its own. Like everything else, this process too is not infinite. As early as around the 25th year of life, hormonal production is declining; at the age of 30, the skin becomes dehydrated, begins to lose strength, elasticity and also more mimic wrinkles are created. The biggest changes then occur during menopause (in men the term is called andropause), when aging is more and more vocal. Hormones keep our skin beautiful and fresh; they are responsible for the proper production of collagen and elastin, healthy skin hydration and its cellular regeneration. Their diminishing is then due to the deterioration of all these factors. And herein is the task of the hormonal cream - to recreate balance.

How do hormones work on our skin?

Estrogen – the hormone of female beauty. It stimulates the synthesis of collagen, supports the production of mucopolysaccharides - which stabilize water retention in the skin. It increases the ability of the skin cells to divide and regenerate, thus reducing deep skin wrinkles. Estrogen also has a strong antioxidant effect and protects the skin from damage from the negative effects of the environment. 

Progesterone – plays an important role in the remodelling of collagen and thus skin regeneration. Strengthens the supporting connective tissue and reduces its enzymatic resorption. The skin becomes firmer and brighter. Progesterone has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. 

Melatonin – is a strong skin antioxidant. Protects skin against adverse environmental influences. Creates protection against sunlight and the creation of unwanted pigment spots. It keeps the protective skin barrier on standby and even slows down the growth of unwanted hairs.

Androstanolon – adds more firmness to the skin. It promotes the creation of elastin fibers and stabilizes the supporting connective tissue.



A cream that allows us to rejuvenate

The cup which would not capture attention with its design at first glance conceals a superb wealth. Among other things, it also contains bio-identical hormones that are identical to the hormones in the human body. This makes our organism tolerate them very well and their presence in us does not cause unnecessary adverse effects in our body. We can't get this special cream in a pharmacy or on drugstore shelves and its greatest magic is its effectiveness. What suits one, may not be good for another ... Therefore, the cream is blended to suit every patient according to the degree of damage to their skin and the shortcomings found. MUDr. Monika Golková, senior consultant of the A2C clinic, the only certified anti-aging institute in the Czech Republic, refers to the benefits of the hormone cream: The hormones contained in it usually have an absolutely identical structure as the body-identical ones, so that adverse effects are minimal. The cream is gentler than a hormonal treatment applied on a flat basis, which works for some people at 100% but for others not at all."

"How does it work?


We do not need to swallow any pills that burden our body; it is enough to apply the cream just once a day on a place without hairs (most often on the inside of the arms or thighs). From here, the active substances are released gradually during the whole day, unlike injections that cause a huge onset level that decreases gradually. The cream is unscented and is therefore also suitable for sensitive skin. After a few weeks of use, we can follow changes for the better. The result may be firmer skin, better memory and even a greater appetite for life.

Production of hormonal cream in points:


  1. First you attend an intake interview at the clinic
  2. Then samples of blood, hair and DNA are taken
  3. The samples are sent for screening, upon which the Endocrinological Institute and foreign laboratories collaborate
  4. The results will reveal problems - both current and those that could be due to bad habits
  5. On the basis of the assessed results, your own tailor-made hormonal cream is mixed
  6. Your skin and body begin to rejuvenate!





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