Where can we get our fitness back. The Anti-Aging Clinic with certification. - TOP CLASS

Appearance is one of the most important commodities increasing the chances of success. And not only work is important. It is unnecessary to reason women out of the opinion that one who hasn't stretched their skin, is in fact non-existent. But not only the skin ages. The best possible general health of the individual can be provided by the remarkable and only certified Anti-Aging Clinic A2C with specialized laboratories worldwide! 

An increase of performance

Anti-aging medicine is not alchemy. This modern and scientific medical discipline, based on upgraded knowledge and ongoing research, creates a comprehensive and complex program of rejuvenating procedures targeted at all age groups. It is able to put a lot of emphasis on performance while at the same time extending the numerical age; that is to say we can achieve the eighties, the nineties or perhaps even a hundred years in the best possible condition and enjoy life when we have finally attained everything and have everything.

The brain knows what is missing and the clinic delivers it

Between the initial examinations it is very necessary to test the brain neurotransmitters and to restart the brain functions. In practice this means that we find out which substances are missing in the brain and in the whole body, and then add them in the most natural form. During long-term stress, for example, a person loses GABA and then is unable to relax or rest. You know how it is - you can't fall asleep, and if you succeed, you wake up in the middle of the night and start all over again. You experience greater internal anxiety, stress, more problems to overwhelm you and your performance decreases with a growing fatigue. "The goal of our efforts is to achieve the edge effect - that state when we feel good and the brain is swift, efficient and concentrated. While we overstrain our body, it knows by itself what it lacks and says it to the clinic. The paradox is that when one inclines their ear to their body, they are more efficient," senior consultant of the Anti-Aging Clinic Chief A2C, MUDr. Monika Golková says, the only certified specialist in anti-aging medicine in the Czech Republic with a worldwide scope.

Eliminating the enemy in the diet

At the clinic of the charming blonde, the biological age of the organs is measured which may be actually younger or older than the data on the birth certificate. But the most attractive activity is the so-called testing of food intolerances. Certain types of foods or their omission can namely result in headaches, tiredness, insomnia, skin problems, but often only after several hours after a meal when we don't relate it to the diet at all. And so we swallow pills. At the A2C clinic the client receives a clear food traffic light: red-marked foods must be excluded for at least half a year; the client can take orange foods maximally once a month and yellow ones may be rotated once every four days. Those food products that are labelled green can be indulged in by the client to their own accord. The clinic also compiles what is known as a rotational diet to show different alternatives and substitutes for the foods that the client mustn’t eat. The result? Metabolism accelerates, the ratio between muscle and fat tissue is improved, and the body looks firmer and first of all leaner! And this without any operations or unpleasant body interventions.

Incredible: In older age you are healthier than today

It sounds like quackery, but it's just a discipline that fascinates with its simplicity - at least seemingly. But it only tries to listen to nature. A part of anti-aging medicine is to perform hormonal tests and to supplement with bio-identical hormones, or genetic testing and prevention of diseases that we carry in our genes, the outbreak of which can be prevented by a correct strategy. "Anti-aging medicine is amazing in the fact that the deeper we become acquainted with it, the better results we achieve. And the older you chronologically are, the better you feel and look. Everyone at first glance can already see if they have understood themselves," the owner of A2C adds, a clinic whose expertise and level of examination can only be found in clinics of a similarly exclusive nature abroad.