Exclusively at the A2C Anti-Aging Clinic, the only certified anti-aging clinic in the Czech Republic, you now have a unique opportunity to try out the therapy of the future.

Using stem cells, it is possible to slow down the aging of the organism and repair defects resulting from cell division during the aging process. "The use of stem cells to combat the aging process and to restore damaged tissue is not a completely new idea. Charlie Chaplin also underwent the therapy at the Swiss clinic. Then stem cells derived from ovine tissues were used. Currently in Anti-Aging medicine purified extracts from embryonic precursor stem cells are used," MUDr. Monika Golková, senior consultant of the Anti-Aging Clinic A2C explains.


Stem-cell therapy has its place, for example, in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). The task of the stem cells in the body is to support the process of regeneration and the enhancement of the immune system in such a way that it is easier for a person to manage long-term stress and to better cope with states associated with high workloads that are typical for the present time.


The power of the effect of the stem cell is believed by many women who use them in connection with the care of their skin. Stem-cell extracts are used as alternative methods for wrinkle smoothing and skin rejuvenation. "The stem-cell extract strengthens the elasticity and the hydration of the skin. The method is non-invasive and painless because it is not necessary to inject serum into the deeper layers of the skin," Monika Golková says.




The application of stem cells can also solve digestive problems. The purpose of the therapy is the regeneration of intestinal tissues. The general defense of the organism, and the ability to regenerate and absorb important nutrients increase. This makes you less tired and more resistant to infectious diseases.

The effects of stem cells can be for example supported by a diet that is based on the elimination of problem foods from the diet. "At present, it is possible to let oneself be tested by the ALCAT test for more than two hundred foods or their ingredients that can cause food intolerance. If these foods are dropped out, a faster healing of the intestinal mucosa and a faster regeneration of the whole organism is achieved," the senior consultant says.


The advantage of stem-cell therapy is that they penetrate the targeted cell and act exactly where the effect is expected. They do not work elsewhere. This minimizes unwanted adverse effects.

The A2C Anti-Aging Clinic offers a range of rejuvenation programs and treatments aimed at total regeneration using stem-cell extracts, aesthetic medicine and rehabilitation, and specializes in the treatment of troubles associated with exhaustion, insomnia, depression, or controlled weight reduction. Its clients include wealthy people from Russia, China and the Arab countries.