The latest apparatus QuikRead can exclusively detect bacterial inflammation and we can then determine whether it is necessary to administer antibiotics. We can also detect possible occult bleeding, which is increasingly mentioned in connection with colon cancer.

C – Reaktivní Protein CRP

C-Reactive Protein is the most sensitive marker of inflammation in the body. As such, it has long been used to distinguish between bacterial and viral infections for the assessment of severe tissue damage and the monitoring of antibiotic treatment. A CRP examination determines whether you need antibiotics for your illness, or if you can do without them and just utilize vitamins and a quiet regimen.

Examination course: the examination is carried out by taking a drop of blood from the finger of the patient. You will know the result immediately.

Strep A

Direct examination of the Streptococcus pyogenes antigen from a throat swab. Sore throat is a common cause for visiting a doctor. It is usually a consequence of an inflammatory response to a viral or bacterial infection. Depending on age and other factors, most infections are nevertheless of a viral origin. By the correct recognition of the infectious agent, the necessity of the administration of antibiotics can be decreased, or antibiotic therapy can be precisely targeted.

Examination course: the examination involves only a throat swab and the result is ready within minutes.

FOB – vyšetření okultního krvácení

Colorectal cancer is one of the most discussed tumor diseases. The Czech Republic is currently in second place as regards the occurrence of this type of carcinoma. Colorectal cancer is however very curable, if it is detected early. The carcinoma risk can be significantly reduced by a regular annual investigation for occult bleeding after the age of 40.
The FOB test detects trace amounts of blood in the stool.

Examination course: The examination is performed from a stool sample; it is simple to perform and the result is known immediately.

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