How do health care professionals take care of themselves? - The Journal Žena a život (Woman and Life)

Does a youth elixir exist? Or a guaranteed recipe for how to avoid influenza in these months? How to care for your body properly? How to be physically and mentally fit? This is apparently of interest for each of us. We want to be healthy, look good and feel great. And so we asked the most competent people. What those women who take care of the health of others every day consider to be important and how they care for themselves. 

Doctor Monika Golková, head of the Anti-Aging Medicine, A2C

As Monika says, her work and at the same time her hobby is the medicine against aging or anti-aging medicine. It is a preventive medical discipline that seeks to slow down the aging process and achieve the best possible health of each individual. "At our clinic, we focus on the investigation of food intolerances; work with bio-identical hormones, test blood, hair, saliva and the cells of the whole body to find out what is missing and to be able to complement it ..."​

Due to your work you are very busy, how do you care for your own lifestyle?
I was lucky that while studying anti-aging medicine abroad, I learned a lot about the advanced methods and the best natural-based products that are bio-active and best absorbable by the human organism. Already in puberty, I started to struggle with my weight and tried perhaps a million diets. Only a test of food intolerance made it clear to me how to eat well and which foods my body has to avoid. So I was not surprised that I cannot consume wheat products and try to observe this as much as possible. The reward is a flat stomach, more energy, and a definitive few pounds less.

What do you think is most important from the point of view of your field?

If we want to slow down aging, we need to deal with food, sleep and exercise. It is not possible to deal with one without the other, and they also influence each other. That's why I try to eat properly and individually according to my test of food intolerance; I take heed to have enough good quality sleep and I do not forget to move. I am not a top athlete, but I regularly walk, play tennis and go to the gym.



How do you take care of yourself in these cold and damp months to not get the flu, do you have a tip?

I try to dress warmly, love the sauna and swim in cold water. It's not only good venous gymnastics but also cold prevention.

Do you take some nutritional supplements?

I'm just taking a useful threefold combination of winter health products. Youcan buy Vitamin C - Crystals crystalline vitamin C, which is absolutely natural and can be very easily added to water, so that you can enjoy a delicious drink several times a day; you can buy Ultra-Preventive X Ultra-Preventive X - the most complete natural product containing all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and five servings of fruits and vegetables; and can also buy L-CarnosineL-Carnosine, which protects and regenerates our cells and protects the body from inflammation.

Can medicine give some guaranteed advice?

Unfortunately, no guaranteed advice exists, as there is no guaranteed elixir of youth. The human body is so original and individual that for everybody a slightly different solution can fit. And that's actually what Anti-Aging medicine is. 

Have you inherited any advice from your mother or grandmother that still works for you today?

My grandmother and my mother always told me that what will not kill you, will strengthen you. That's why perhaps I like to accept challenges and I'm still optimistic because according to one study on centenarians, such people live the longest.