Each of us wants to keep their health, beauty and energy as long as possible. And nowadays we have a number of skilful helpers for it. One of the most effective of them are bio-identical hormones.

Time is running for every one of us, even though how fast we age is something extremely individual. It is influenced by the overall condition of our organism, the environment we live in, and our lifestyle. Needless to say, those of us who eat more or less healthily and exercise regularly, are doing a little better. But it is not just those factors that affect aging. Fifty percent of our genetic makeup is influenced by it.



Do you dread the day menopause enters your life? That is not necessary. Of course, menopause will sooner or later come (between the forties and sixties), but you can be perfectly prepared. Although our female sexual organs will no longer produce as much estrogen as when we were twenty, their production can be greatly enhanced from the outside. Are you asking how? Very easily! Using so-called ‘hormonal therapy’, hormones can be individually and sensitively supplemented into your body and you can feel the same way as you did in your thirties.



Hormone production declines with age, that's the pattern of life. You may be surprised, but this process does not take place first with the approach of menopause, but much earlier - already around the age of 25. The skin begins to lose firmness and elasticity, it becomes dehydrated and so wrinkles are created faster. With the advent of menopause, the hormones get into greater imbalances than ever and we start to think what can be done about it. What therapy can we choose to avoid doing more harm than good? Many foreign celebrities are taken with bio-identical hormone therapy. They have been promoted by the actress Suzanne Somers (age 66) from the series Step by Step who writes about them in her book The Sexy Years, as well as by the pop queen Madonna (age 54) and the American television star Oprah Winfrey (age 59). In what lies their magic?



Bio-identical hormones are natural hormones, which by their structure completely correspond to the body's own hormones, so we do not have to worry about any adverse effects. They reliably link to hormonal receptors in which they fit as a key into the right lock, which induces the desired effect. There are some ways to get them in our body, but the simplest and most gentle way for the body is the application of creams that are prepared individually based on our shortcomings and the extent of skin damage. Cellular activators contained in each cream stimulate the natural function of cells that decreases with age. In addition to these activators, creams are enriched with other carefully-selected ingredients such as vitamins, antioxidants, phytohormones, or plant extracts that help regenerate the skin and protect cells against damage. That this treatment really works you can see with above-mentioned women, to whom nobody would guess their real age.



Treatment by hormones is a wonderful thing but it is not cheap. But do not despair, if you do not want to or cannot undergo the bio-identical hormone therapy for some reason, you can also find help in nature. These assistants will help you to keep your vitality and youth:

    Life expectancy can also be influenced by the intake of minerals and trace elements. Of particular importance is vitamin C, the group-B vitamins, iron and zinc. For this, include a large amount of fruit and vegetables into your diet; foods that contain fiber, meat and dairy products.
    It is a very important substance that partakes in all body processes, and promotes energy production and oxygen supply to all important organs. The concentration of Q10 is the highest in the heart, lungs and kidneys. Already at the age of forty, however, the amount of this substance is 30% less than at the age of twenty. It is therefore important to increase its intake, for example by using food supplements. A lack of Q10 may namely have an unhealthy effect on your body - such as a loss of vitality, premature aging, a decreased ability to concentrate, or a weakening of immunity.
    It is a kind of algae that is called a natural antibiotic. It contains the substance chlorellin which has antibacterial and antioxidant effects. Regular use of this freshwater green substance contributes to increasing immunity and improved sexual performance, the removal of chronic fatigue, promoting digestion and to acting as a prevention against cancer and heart disease.
    Did you think this food supplement is the sole domain of athletes who want to amp up their muscles? Wrong! Creatine is also a great aid in the fight against premature aging. It improves the regenerative capacity of cells, reduces cholesterol levels and prevents cardiovascular disease. Among the richest sources of creatine belong meat and fish.