Fat hunt - Luxury Guide

Honestly, each of us has bought at least once in their life some preparation which claims to remove fat from the body. Many have even ordered something "guaranteed" on the internet which worked more like a nail in their own coffin. Which preparations really do work and do not entail a risk?

Exactly a year ago, the European Medicine Commission withdrew Meridia, a very popular formula from the Czech market which was originally intended only for people suffering from obesity and corpulence and had to be recommended by their obesitologists and diabetologists. However practitioners have also begun to prescribe this medication, being bombarded by patients' requests, and often issued a prescription to a relatively thin person. "I also saw in my practice that the patient did not have the drug for themselves or did not need it," PharmDr. Marcel Dzoba of the Prague Pharmacy Podnecká says. Meridia contains sibutramine - a substance that causes a feeling of satiation and reduced appetite in the treated patient by increasing brain neurotransmitter levels. People yearning for slenderness were not even daunted by the fact that the insurance companies stopped paying for the preparation in the course of time, even when in the beginning they had to dish out several thousand crowns from their wallet per package. Even worse, there was an increase of cases of people using Meridia complaining about insomnia, rapid heartbeat and increased blood pressure. "When I was over thirty, I used a certain medicine with sibutramine and I must admit that I did lose weight. But I could not sleep, and I felt I was being accelerated," 42-year-old manager Marie says, who by the way, is a very slender woman, and she adds: "I tried it again in my forties, but I was seized by a total shivering and I had to stop using it." Internet discussions swarm with similar experiences. It's paradoxical that these stories used to be placed just next to advertisements that offer forbidden anti-obesity drugs illegally. "In my view, it is very dangerous that by the use of such drugs without a surgeon's supervision the cause of being overweight and obesity is not solved. People who take slimming drugs will learn nothing about how to eat in the proper way, and how to permanently adjust their daily regimen to achieve good results,” Monika Divišová, nutrition counsellor and wellness coach from the care center Wellnessia adds.

One of the most insidious adversaries of losing pounds or kilograms, which throws us off our legs and tempts our strong will, is the feeling of hunger. The stomach sends signals of its unfulfilled desire to the brain and calls for something to eat. A typical example is when we eat too much food with a predominant ratio of sugars and therefore with a high glycemic index. They cause more and more cravings for food. The principle is explained by the immunologist MUDr. Jan Šula: "For breakfast you have a croissant with a sweet cappuccino, wherein the glycemic curve flies up and a lot of insulin is poured into the body to lower the level of blood sugar. After this sweet charge, there's too much of this hormone in your body which makes you eat more." Insulin sensitivity and therefore fluctuations in the glucose level can be abated by the natural herbal preparation Glucovin made by the Italian company Erbenobili. This preparation includes, among other things, chromium which together with zinc influences the metabolism of sugars so that they do not convert into fats.

Fat is the second enemy destroying our dreams of a perfectly slim body. It is necessary to burn it as efficiently as possible. To regular movement (which is and will be the most effective way to lose some pounds or kilograms), we can also add preparations and food supplements containing so-called lipotropic substances that help break down fats. It is not easy to orientate oneself to all the preparations on the market. In fact, only a limited number of them work.




To the most well-known and most recommended belongs L-carnitine. Apart from the above-mentioned fat burning, it also improves the endurance of the body. This substance is abundantly contained in mutton, so it is no wonder that the first long-distance runners were the Hellenic shepherds who bred sheep. L-carnitine is also available in the form of pills or beverages. Nevertheless Doc. MUDr. Jan Vránová, head of the Department of Physiology and Biochemistry of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports of Charles University, warns that if we use this substance without doing sports, we risk our health: "When someone takes L-carnitine and will not exercise or does not make a thirty-minute quick walk, they are looking at an increased risk of arteriosclerosis. The unused fatty acids that remain in the blood deepen its fattening." L-carnitine, in simple terms, breaks down fats into several other parts - one of which is namely the fatty acid that the sporting body uses easily; more precisely, they give it energy and endurance.

Another lipotropic agent, to which good effects are attributed, is caffeine. "It is added to all fat burners because it speeds up the conversion of substances in the body. Caffeine, among others, modifies the effectiveness of thyroid hormones that affect the metabolism of the organism," MUDr. Vránová says. According to biochemists, caffeine should be treated with caution since it increases blood pressure and can cause an irregular heartbeat. Fats are also burned by the substances contained in green tea, therefore "fat burners" or "fat killers" which are a combination of several effective burners, often contain tea extracts. Among the lipotropic substances we also include soy lecithin, which in addition also promotes concentration. According to the pharmacist Marcela Dzoby, a great fat burner is also CLA, conjugated linoleic acid: "It dampens the growth of fat tissue and stimulates muscle mass to help slim, shape and firm the figure. Muscles weigh more than fat. Therefore, some people who take CLA are surprised to find that, although they look slimmer, they weigh almost the same as before they started using CLA. In addition, this acid increases energy expenditure and reduces the sense of hunger which is an ideal combination."

Unfortunately, there is no magical formula that would solubilize fats by itself without complying with some rules. "There are currently no drugs containing sibutramine on the Czech market. Fat burners will without doubt help us partly, but it is us who must do the hardest work. Jana Vránová categorically states: "The only way one can lose weight are regime-like measures, that is to reduce energy intake and increase energy output." In other words: have a balanced diet suggested by a specialist and regularly exercise. It is recommended to use L-carnitine in the morning before exercising because it gives one endurance. During the day the preparation Glucovin helps to balance the level of insulin in the blood. Before lunch, Chitosan, which binds the fat eliminated later by the body. You can also burn at night with the Cellfood Diet Switch drops. These drops also contain effective L-carnitine, plus minerals and important amino-acids. You lose excess fat with Bio- HCG+ drops. When used, the organism switches to combustion mode and begins to lose weight without losing muscle tissue. You may obtain help to create a suitable diet at www.wellnessia.cz. May's novelty will be the slimming fragrance Prends Moi from Veld's. It releases beta endorphins in the body and triggers at the same time the lipolysis process in which fat is eliminated.