Brain neurotransmitter test - results

Results :

1. Total number of true answers Dopamine deficiency ____________
2. Total number of true answers Acetylcholine deficiency ____________
3. Total number of true answers GABA deficiency ____________
4. Total number of true answers Serotonin deficiency ____________

Circle the highest number you have reached. This is your biggest deficit which can cause a variety of illnesses and problems. Often we exhaust our neurotransmitters by behaving according to our personality characteristics.

For example, if you have a GABA deficiency, you can be a dopamine-dominant personality, and this type of personality often works very hard, and of course gets exhausted because of it.

Find out what kind of personality you are during the incoming examination at the A2C Anti-Aging Clinic, and work more on your strengths.

Light deficit: 3-5 true answers

Average deficit: 6-8 tru answers

Severe deficit: more than 8 true answers, you need urgent help