An instrumental measurement of the functional vitality of individual organs and specifically-targeted prevention.

The examination includes the following parts:

Questionnaires for the working-out of a medical anamnesis. Specialist issues for the assessment of lifestyle, nutrition and sports activities (with precise calculations of energy expenditure).

A diagnostic part focused on the vital functions of the individual organs, on the composition of your body, brain functions, vision, hearing, cardiovascular functions, lung functions, muscle tests and an examination of tissue and joint elasticity.



In the laboratory part we perform a hormonal analysis, a complete biochemical and haematological examination; we also determine the risk factors and the oxidative status of the organism (how our body is able to resist harmful substances).

The result consists in the development of a comprehensive program which advises you how to behave in the subsequent period, and what has to be done to slow or to partially stop the aging of the internal organs.

In order to assess the effects of this recommended procedure, it is necessary to undergo periodic inspections. It's a long-term process the result of which must be the achievement of a dramatically lower age of the internal organs than your actual chronological age. The diagnosis will ascertain the current biological age of your internal organs, and also determines the procedure to gradually decrease this biological age.

Based on the latest knowledge in medicine of the third millennium, we definitely know that: we cannot influence chronological age, but we can influence the biological one.



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