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Where has the specialized field of medicine, Anti-Aging, shifted since its introduction five years ago and what new procedures can you undergo at the clinic?

The only certified A2C Anti-Aging Clinic is located in the very heart of Prague (Old Town) and will surprise you with its exclusive offer of rejuvenating methods on a world-class level. 

Anti-Aging Medicine is the latest medical discipline which, based on the latest findings and ongoing scientific research, can offer a comprehensive and complex program of state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures and rejuvenating methodologies aimed at all age groups - exactly according to the message of world Anti-Aging medicine, that says quality of life is based on care for one’s health and the right lifestyle from an already early age. Senior consultant of the clinic, MUDr. Monika Golková regularly lectures at world Anti-Aging Conferences and is a guarantee of the top expertise of this medical facility. 

In November, the A2C Anti-Aging Clinic celebrated its five-year anniversary, and A2C ranks today among the world's most prestigious anti-aging clinics.

A worldwide recognized test of food intolerance

In the same way as Angelina Jolie in Los Angeles has tested up to 300 types of food intolerances, also at the A2C clinic, this worldwide recognized ALCAT test can solve a number of problems for clients. From digestive problems and problems related to obesity; to headaches, depression, skin problems and a lack of energy.

At present, it is possible to test up to 300 types of food, including preservatives, dyes, artificial sweeteners and common substances that can harm the body.

BIO-Identical hormonal terapy

Suzanne Somers will not hear a word against bio-identical hormone therapy and you can indulge in exactly the same therapy at the A2C Clinic. First, by means of a comprehensive hormonal examination, we detect all the deficiencies and fluctuations in the body and then create an individual hormonal-therapy plan using bio-identical hormones tailored to your needs. Bio-identical hormones are totally identical to the hormones in our body, and so they are the most natural in terms of their effect. Hormone application is the most expansive through the latest research, so there is no damage to the stomach and liver.

Hollywood youth cocktails

Specially-formulated mixtures of substances with a high antioxidant effect act on the overall regeneration and rejuvenation of the organism. In this way you slow down the processes of aging of the body from within, but the action will also be visible from the outside. Your skin will become brighter, small wrinkles will smooth out, under-eye bags will disappear and pigmented spots will be reduced rapidly. The extraordinarily effective component of the cocktail is stem-cell extracts that are capable of repairing damaged cellular information and, thanks to regeneration of the organism, can make a major contribution to slowing down the aging process.

Testing of brain neurotransmitters

Performance, speed and efficiency requirements can lead to the depletion of brain neurotransmitters that act as energy and regeneration for the brain. Decreased performance, fatigue, insomnia, and memory impairment are the most common symptoms of a lack of brain neurotransmitters. By testing the brain function, we will set up a substitution therapy to restart brain functions and the support our own production of neurotransmitters.

Aesthetic dermatology

The special application pen Anteis is designed for the modelling and strengthening of faded face contours. You can achieve a natural and young look by applying the fillers and preparations for mesotherapy. The application pen helps to perfect the result and minimizes the appearance of adverse effects - such as pain and swelling. By using the highest quality fillers, we guarantee a long-lasting effect and natural beauty.

Comrehensive genetic examination

Comprehensive genetic testing is now part of individualized prevention. It allows you to discover in a targeted way how to prevent a variety of diseases and avoid unnecessary treatment errors. The genetic test has been carefully selected and verified by a team of scientists to make the follow-up therapy targeted according to the results.