You are negotiating with somebody. Opposite you sits a man who literally falls asleep. He can hardly concentrate his attention. Fatigue during the day can also be caused by a lack of testosterone. Or you are welcomed by a woman about 40 to 50 years of age with hanging facial features and skin on her arms. She seems to be tearful, and every small problem disconcerts her. Symptoms of estrogen, growth hormone and progesterone decrease. Hormones affect almost everything in the body, inside and outside. When medicine merges with cosmetics, a small miracle is born: a cup that contains exactly what the body is missing. It's a made-to-measure cream.

It does not seem extraordinary at first glance. The special hormonal cream is not colored or perfumed (unless the client expressly wishes it) and the packaging does not have a special design. What is important, we can see within a week, two or three weeks - in the form of a firmer face, greater buoyancy or faster reactions and a better memory. The anti-aging discipline is taught at a university in America, and there is an attestation for it. In our country only a few people know about it. Those who are successful want to achieve something and keep themselves in perfect condition, visit so far the one and only clinic



Most interested people come up with a list of complaints and problems. An interview and blood, hair and DNA sampling follows. And the screening, upon which the Endocrinological Institute and sometimes also foreign labs collaborate, will detect the problems that the person already has, and also those that might appear in the future - when you don't change your habits. Sometimes it is enough to apply vitamins or to modify the diet. When hormone treatment is necessary, the cream is the most gentle and most effective form. "It is tailor-made. The hormones have a completely identical structure as the body-identical ones, so that adverse effects are minimal", senior consultant of the only certified anti-aging clinic in our country, A2C, MUDr. Monika Golková says. This treatment is gentler than the classic hormonal treatment that is given on a uniform basis. Classical treatment works for one person perfectly, but not for another person. That's why some doctors don't recommend it." The active substances are released gradually from the cream. Unlike injections that have a massive onset level, this level gradually falls below normal. The cream doesn't pass through the digestive tract as is the case with tablets, so there's no need to worry about liver damage. The application is comfortable and easy to remember: you apply the cream once a day on a place where there are no hairs, most often on the inside of the arms or thighs. And the substances are themselves already absorbed. What are they able to achieve?


The culprit of hair loss or deterioration of its quality is usually the intoxication by heavy metals (lead, cadmium, arsenic) that causes eczema or rash around the mouth and on the neck. It may be also caused by a wrong diet, but also by amalgam seals of poor quality. This will be detected by a chemical analysis of the hair. The hormones contained in the cream can cope with metal poisons.


Swollen eyelids and a swollen face, but also a gruff voice, slowed reactions, fatigue and depression are based on the decreased function of the thyroid gland. The key hormones that can be missing at any age are T4 (thyroxine) or active T3 (triiodothyronine), respectively. But some people need an enzyme that converts T4 to T3.


Youthful, elastic skin will last thanks to the "hormone of youth" DHEA, whose production diminishes around forty. The deficiency is manifested by relaxation, loss of humidity and energy. The person doesn't feel any pain, but somehow doesn't feel like themself. There appear problems with joints.


In the course of time, small vertical wrinkles appear. The stretching of the skin is ensured by the anti-wrinkle hormone estrogen. If it diminishes, the bones become brittle because estrogen is needed for the creation of new bone tissue. The hydrating and anti-inflammatory progesterone prevents swelling of the body and cheeks.




Even women know it. The up-to-now perfect body begins to round without reason, even if they don't indulge in an extra cube of sugar. In the tender sex, it is caused by the sexual hormone estrogen, the amount of which diminishes from the age of 50. The body then tries to retain a sufficient amount of hormonal active tissue, which is among other tissues fat..


It may happen that you go under the knife or under the cannula unnecessarily. The folds you have removed may also be caused by a lack of growth hormone which cannot be solved by plastic surgery or liposuction. It regulates the ratio between muscles and fat, affects the firmness of the skin, and increases immunity and speed of thinking. It begins to disappear around thirty and with every further decade by 14%.



WHY is a cream made to measure better?

We know it from common pills. They are all the same. Uniform. But every person is different. Hormones that are tailor-made - they are called bio-identical and respond to individual needs. There is an exact dose in the cream to help adjust the level of other important hormones: insulin, cortisol, adrenal hormones, thyroid gland and sex hormones. Due to the fact that they are body-related and welcome, bio-identical hormones do not burden the organism at all.

WHY should we add hormones at all?

We are aging and the decline in our own hormone production begins at the age of around 25. Since our thirties, the skin is drier, losing firmness, elasticity, and gets more wrinkles. Using cosmetics with small doses of natural bio-identical hormones can slow aging for up to 10 years. Hormonal activators in the cream stimulate cell function to double it. Wrinkle formation alone can diminish by as much as 30%! Example: human growth hormone (HGH). From the age of 20, its concentration in the body falls by 14% every 10 years. The decline accelerates with stress, shortened sleep, and eating too much food before bedtime. A person loses assertiveness and his/her anxiety, emotional lability, and feelings of isolation increase. Some people exaggerate artificial growth hormone supplementation. This results in swelling and pain in the joints, fingers, head, and pins and needles in the limbs. Paradoxically, they maltreat themselves.


WHY to be careful when using a display at night

The popular hormone among the rich is melatonin. Abroad you can get it without prescription, especially at airports. Because it compensates the so-called "jet-lag", the sleeping rhythm disorder caused by travelling between time zones. Poor sleep usually causes stress. In a healthy person, sleep should normalize after the reasons of stress-strain have disappeared. But if stress lasts longer, the fear of falling asleep develops. People then use third-generation hypnotics, but these may not be taken for longer than a month. Otherwise they disturb the architecture of sleep, dampen the dream phase, and one wakes up in the morning as if hungover. Their memory and logic fail. Unfortunately, most people take sleeping pills an average of 2 years and one third of them even up to 5 years. Melatonin does not have these effects. It can be taken for a long time and does not cause dependency. In our country only Circadin is sold, a medicament containing melatonin (450 CZK), which is again too general and does not act the same way on everybody. The best way is to produce melatonin in the brain. The brain can do it at night. When the hormone level increases, the body gets a signal: "You may go to sleep now." To have enough melatonin for healthy sleep, we need to expose our body to a great deal of light in the daytime. That's why in autumn we sleep worse. Those who sleep poorly wake up more often and can't fall asleep; however they can increase the production of melatonin by exposing themselves to constant sunlight and during the night to absolute darkness in the bedroom. Just two hours of following a back-lit display is enough to suppress the creation of melatonin in the body. Likewise, LED lighting influences the brain. The easiest thing to do is to leave all the devices in a different room, wake up using an alarm clock, move even the television out of the bedroom and to put classic light bulbs into the lamps and hang dark curtains and blinds on the windows.



Source: The journal First Class