An input dialogue with a specialist doctor is required before the examination. Here you can get to know all the details of future procedures relating to the investigation of vitality especially of the internal organs.


With them everything begins. If their future 100% functionality is secured, you are doing the most for their future health you currently could ever do.

1) Anamnesis

  • an assessment of hormonal deficiency
  • monitoring the current state of health
  • an assessment of the basic hereditary predisposition

2) Creating an individual examination panel

  • based on data from the medical history to design individual examinations and laboratory analyses

3) The Braverman Test for brain neurotransmitters

  • processing of a detailed questionnaire
  • finding the dominant neurotransmitter (GABA, serotonin, acetylcholine)
  • finding the missing neurotransmitter

4) The official test for longevity

  • You will find how many years are you expected to live whilst maintaining your current way of life
  • You will learn what to do to ensure that you live far more years by accepting our recommended changes and adjustments to your life, and especially that you live longer with an increasingly productive and high-quality way of life. You will actively experience and determine the way of enjoying your advanced age, and of course, also old age

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