Of course you know exactly what data you have on your identification card. Your biological age will tell you far more than your "calendar" age. Even about your real age!


You know the situation when you are walking down the street, and you meet an old friend and you are amazed: how great she looks! It's as if she didn't get old, but you ... Or it may be quite the opposite. While you, by your face, seem to give the impression that you have just finished high school, the respective friend raises questions about when she is going to retire. Yes, just such huge visual differences can be seen among peers (and this is perfectly shown at reunions after ten or more years!). What's behind it? Why is someone aging, as it seems, rapidly, and why do you want to ask somebody else, where he or she bought the elixir of youth? That's exactly the question of biological age. The age that reveals the real age of your body, its state and openly ‘tattletales’ on you, no matter how well or badly you take care of it!


Because the examinations are thorough, you will not get the answers to what your biological age is immediately. It may take some days. But the result is woth of it. Suddenly, D-day will arrive and you will meet your doctor, and you will be introduced to a comprehensive, almost 30-page analysis and kidney test results that tell you exactly if their age corresponds with your age or if their state is worse because you drink too little and you season with salt too often. You can learn that your liver is groaning under the burden of alcoholic soirées, and even if you are barely thirty, yet your liver feels like it is forty. You can learn even much more. But thanks to all these tests, you will discover how to fix everything, repair the damage already caused, and to positively influence your biological age in the future to be lower than your "identification-card age"!


Once you have the results in your hands, your doctor will also recommend an appropriate procedure to improve your prospects for the future. "We provide to each patient a tailored plan to cure what is sick, and to improve what doesn't work. We focus on individual organs, but also on the quality of skin, immunity, metabolism functioning, and mental mood. We recommend foods that benefit the person and will partake in reducing the biological age and contest aging, along with other changes," enumerates MUDr. Monika Golková adds that it is obvious that one examination and a one-time instruction will not save you. "The truth is that everything is changing. Our lifestyle, circumstances change, our health changes, and anti-aging medicine, is of course trying to catch up with all of this. To be as up-to-date as possible. Therefore, it is advisable to repeat the so-called BioAging examinations at regular intervals, to adapt one’s lifestyle and further care for the body and the soul and tailor them to the current condition," she adds.




Of course, you can argue that somebody has "eternal youth" simply in their genes, and you can't change them even if you stand on your head. But this is not true. Sure, genes play their part, but each of us - without exception - can influence his or her aging positively - and many are also trying to do so. More and more disciplines are in their research focused on how to stop aging. Biological age is of interest to pharmacists, gerontologists and its research, as well as its positive influence, has led to the establishment of a new medical sector: anti-aging medicine or medicine against aging, which originated already in the 1990s in the U.S., but came to us in Bohemia only a few years ago. Nevertheless it helps to influence the life span of thousands of people throughout the country!


"If I should define biological age professionally, I would have to say that it is determined by the changes occurring at the level of the DNA, cells, tissues, organs and the hormones of our body. Of course I must confirm that it also depends on the genetic dispositions of each person. Nevertheless, the actual, biological age influences the behavior, lifestyle and attitude to life of each of us, and many other factors that can more or less delay the aging of a person," explains MUDr. Golková. Monika Golková, senior consultant of the 1st Anti-Aging Clinic 1A2C adds: "In addition, it is necessary to note that each of our organs may have a different biological age. And when we add all this up, the result may be a difference between the biological and the official age of twenty years or more! Do you want to extend your life? And especially: Do you want to live this longer life in health? You can. You just need to know what the state of your biological age is at the moment and by what means you can influence it positively.


At the beginning of your journey to "eternal youth," there will surely be an adequate examination that will assess your real, biological age. "The entire examination complex lasts for 3 hours. And it consists of a measuring of the functional vitality of the individual organs and specific preventions. First you undergo a set of medical and complementary examinations (clinical examination, imaging techniques, lab tests, functional examination) that are evaluated by a special methodology. Then you are looking at an assessment of your own lifestyle, nutrition status and fitness history in the form of a test that has been developed on the basis of long years of scientific research," says MUDr. Golková and she then goes into more detail: "For example, the test includes questions of the following type: What is your weight? Which of the mentioned dairy products do you consume most? How much time do you spend on exercise activities per week? How do you sleep? Do you breakfast regularly? It's really going into detail, but it's just the details that matter. That's why you do the tests in the presence of a nurse who can advise you. Or you can ask your doctor for advice, if you stumble. The truth of your answers is namely very important."


Let’s say that you are not planning to have your biological age assessed, perhaps you do not dare to know the truth, but nonetheless you would like to live longer, better, and with more quality? Even this can be, of course, influenced to a great extent. The magic is based on the observance of several basic recommendations.

  1. You only have one body, so take care of it - with love!
  2. Respect the rules of healthy eating: Bet on fresh vegetables, fruits, fish; reduce fats, less salt; on the contrary drink more (ideally clean water). But don't fast, don't keep crazy diets; eat regularly, and don't forget that you don't need to delete anything from your diet. When you keep everything under control, healthy food will distinctly predominate.
  3. Indulge yourself in movement. Even if it is just an everyday walk on the way home from work, it's worth it and your body and biological age will appreciate it. Only an active body is a healthy and functioning body. And only such a body has a chance to stay young and beautiful longer.
  4. Rest. Living in constant stress and hurry? This makes you look like you have more than just a few innocent wrinkles. Stress will shorten your life. Not to mention that you often stress yourself like everyone else for the demands and comfort of someone else. If it really must occur, stress for yourself. And only in absolutely necessary cases.
  5. Surround yourself with people you like and love. Why? Because the degree of your satisfaction and love that you receive and give, greatly affects the height of your biological age. It may not be necessary to add that beloved and loving women are doing far better.