How old are we really? Age is just a number ... This cliché which reassures us that each birthday is more true than we think. You will agree when you find out what telomeres are.

Our body may show signs of dilapidation even if we are only twenty years old. On the contrary, at fifty, we can feel younger than ever before. There are many processes in the human organism of which we have no idea and which have a major influence on us.

We are pleased to invite you to measure the biological age of the organism.  In the first week of June, we shall be testing the biological age of BIO-AGING organs and the length of telomeres at a discount price of 3500 CZK.

Then we shall prepare for you cellular regeneration at the level of telomerase activation including a comprehensive strategy of overall body rejuvenation.

We look forward to your visit.

A reservation is required for the term on tel.: 724 087 505 or 224 210 001.

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