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Are you depressed? Do you have eczema? Do you have joint pain? Perhaps a "leaky" bowel is the cause. Food can heal but can also harm.

The deposition of fat in the stomach area is believed to be due to the stress hormone cortisol. But I have been trying very honestly for some years not to stress myself, but my belly is often so large that my friends suspect me of a secret pregnancy. This "post-term" problem brought me to the A2C clinic which, besides anti-aging programs, specializes in food intolerance.

Intolerance is not an allergy

Maybe the term food allergy has sprung now into your head. But it is manifested differently - significantly and especially quickly after contact with an allergen, so the culprit is easy to identify. The case of food intolerance is more difficult. It is namely caused by other antibodies; it is more hidden, so the symptoms may occur even several days after eating the harmful food. It is said that some people can intuitively know what is not beneficial for them. Really extraordinarily sensitive to these body signals are children.

Food allergies and intolerances belong to the main causes of the syndrome of increased intestinal permeability where bacteria, toxins and food particles penetrate the bloodstream through some "holes" in the damaged intestinal mucosa. The body defends itself against the production of antibodies that unfortunately not only attack these intruders but also healthy tissues. And the more often we eat the "harmful" food, the more the immune reaction increases and can result in digestive disorders, dermatological, respiratory and joint problems as well as mental illnesses. According to statistics, every third person suffers from increased bowel permeation syndrome!



Follow the traffic lights

So much for the theory and now back to my visit to the A2C clinic where I arrived in the morning, because the test of food intolerance is detected from the blood. The second visit was more important to me. That week, I was looking forward to the test results more than a child to Christmas presents. I was only afraid that they'd find in me some brutal intolerance, for instance an intolerance to chocolate. Although this would explain many things...

From Monika Golková, the senior consultant of the clinic, I received something like a detailed food traffic light:

And how did I do? "Unfortunately, you are very intolerant of honey," MUDr. Golková says. But her pity is out of place, as this is a huge relief! I still have shivers when I recall how my kindergarten teacher pushed a slice of bread with a layer of butter and honey between my truculently-closed lips. Honey has always stunk to me! Fortunately, honey is the only item in the red field.

The orange field is inhabited by three products which are harmless for me: Honey melon ("honey", yuck), turnips (I do not even know what they look like) and fava beans (according to Google the main ingredient of especially African dishes). But the yellow-marked foods are somewhat too numerous: Most meats and sea creatures, garlic, almonds, strawberries, blueberries, oranges ... about twenty items in total. I should not have them more often than once every four days, but I am giving up such a resolution in advance, I am not able to accomplish this...

But far more I am disappointed with the reaction to the Candida Albicams yeast, which is said to be an enthusiastic eater of sugar, cereals, alcohol, and so on. Somehow I feel unconsciously that therein lies the problem of my bloated belly. And equally I also know that I do not have a strong will to give up chocolate, pastries, pasta and most of the fruit. Alcohol may go to hell, that I do not mind. Alcohol may go to hell, that I do not mind.

A cowardly confession

To "repair" my intestine, I buy L-glutamine and polyunsaturated fatty acid supplements right at the clinic. But not just any, but top quality ones that I shall of course pay extra for. To "repair" my intestine, I buy L-glutamine and polyunsaturated fatty acid supplements right at the clinic. But it was sufficient to eat just a few cookies and the "baby" was back.
I admit that if I will have more serious problems, such as asthma or eczema, I will probably try harder. By which I admit that I lounge about quite a lot. Do you know the saying about that strongly-developed weak will? Not that I am not able to control myself, I am able to do it. But somehow I am not able to follow my own order.

The Glanc rating

The colon is said to be home to up to 80% of our immune system. And food intolerance violates it sneakingly and can lead to chronic problems. If the test forbids you to eat a favorite food, don't despair - it is not forever. When the intestine heals, it probably moves into a less dangerous category and you can then put this food into your diet once again. Therefore, it is recommended to repeat the food intolerance test after two years.

Why is the ALCAT test so expensive?

Samples are sent to a specialized laboratory abroad. The price ranges from 8-26 thousand crowns and depends on the number of food products tested. The highest number of items tested is 300 and includes besides all foods also chemicals, medicaments, moulds and pharmacological substances.

How long does it take before the results of the rotary diet manifest themselves?

The rotating diet contains foods that were green and yellow in the ALCAT test. Within a few days, you will experience an alleviation of digestive difficulties, a visible improvement of the complexion, weight loss, and an overall improvement in health within weeks or months.

What is the greatest difficulty for clients when they have to maintain the rotating diet?

The worst time is the first month before the clients get used to the diet change. You have to replace the forbidden foods by the recommended ones and learn to buy them. But once you're redirected, you'll begin to feel better, and keeping a rotating diet will seem much easier for you.