"I have a curtain in my head"


We immediately started therapy to complete missing substances whereupon it was necessary to administer some substances even by infusion. Already after the first month, there were noticeable results and within half a year the patient's condition improved so much that she started to learn French. She not only felt much better, but also had more energy and better skin. When you manage to restore normal neurotransmitter levels and to stabilize them, the brain will be reactivated.

The substances supplied to the body help the brain to create neurotransmitters which recharge the energy of the brain and restore the proper transmission of impulses between the nerve cells. At the same time the functions of other organs of the body are tuned," the doctor says. The mere completion of these substances, however, is not a permanent solution. It is also necessary to change the lifestyle. To learn to relax, to find a suitable physical activity and hobbies. "The neurotransmitters, however, can help the patient to be able to attain these changes (to manage these changes) to pull it off. It is simply necessary to "restart" the brain, Dr. Monika Golková says.